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LAUGH (Lafayette Art UnderGround Hustle) Spring Art Tour

June 3, 2023 @ 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

LAUGH (Lafayette Art UnderGround Hustle) is here to motivate artists and encourage everyone to discover the unique underground artistic movement evolving in Lafayette, CO. It’s proving that it is not the work alone that makes art, it is also the process, the person, and the experience. This self-guided tour is free and open to the public. Grab a map from the website Bike, walk, or ride to Old Town to see what gives. This season’s theme? Spring Out Of The Box! We have challenged our artists to find a new way to connect with tour-goers. How do they intend to use their creative genius to lure, mesmerize, and inspire you to stop by? Dust off your fancy pants and find out.