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Things to Do

Where to Wander

When you visit our unique downtown, discovery awaits. Whether you are a Lafayette local, out-of-town traveler, or day-tripper, you’re welcome to wander the attractions, activities, businesses and artwork that make our district a destination like no other.

Public Art

Discover Lafayette’s creative hub by touring our unbeatable galleries and community art zones.

Alley Tours

Take a stroll through our uncommon streets and get a taste for Lafayette’s vibrant public art scene.

Walking Trails

Outdoor fun awaits for all ages and abilities when you wander through our boundless trail system.

Splash Pad

Cool off and stay playful with our sensory-activated water feature nestled near Festival Plaza.


Get transported through time at Lafayette’s historic destinations and expand your mind with our family-friendly educational hubs.

Theaters and Music

Entertainment is everywhere you wander in Old Town Lafayette. Explore our upcoming shows and performances to see what fun awaits.

Savor and Shop

Explore our diverse retail and restaurants.