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Hopscotching for Scholarships

Introducing Project Hopscotch

We invited Lafayette locals, artists, businesses, and visitors to come hop, skip, and jump for a great cause.

Remember the days when time stopped, adventure was in the air, and your next great discovery was just down the block? Life was simple and carefree, which is exactly the spirit we wanted to capture with Project Hopscotch!

So what exactly is Project Hopscotch?

It’s a movement to get moving through our diverse mix of businesses and to showcase the incredible talent of Lafayette’s local arts community. Ten custom hopscotch courses were designed by our creative community of local artists and placed throughout Old Town for the community to come and play with.

Each hopscotch course featured a special QR code that, when scanned, provide a $1 donation toward an arts scholarship courtesy of the Lafayette Urban Renewal Authority. And our community really got hopping!

Between September 15 through October 15, we collected over 1,640 scans, which was just shy of our original goal. We could not be more proud of the locals, businesses, and visitors who helped support this first year of Project Hopscotch, and we will be donating the full $2,000 to our arts students. After an exciting introduction to the community, we cannot wait to continue expanding the fun and increasing the donations year after year.

And just because the scans stopped doesn’t mean you can’t keep hopping.

As part of the program, we developed a site map so you too can easily shop, sip, and stroll through Lafayette. It’s a simple way to wander through our unique streets and embrace whatever Old Town adventures you stumble upon. Ready to wander? View our map here and we’ll see you in Old Town Lafayette!