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This Local Gem Sparkles, Even After 50 Years of Business

Anspach’s Jewelry is getting a new shine this year—with a full interior renovation and enhanced showroom to ensure this Lafayette institution shimmers and dazzles for decades to come.

Lafayette locals, surrounding communities, and even international visitors have been loyal customers of Anspach’s Jewelry for over 50 years. Today, the iconic jewelry is undergoing a significant renovation to help carry on the legacy of this local gem for years to come. 

Anspach’s Jewelry was founded by Glen and Dee Anspach, who originally came to Lafayette from Bozeman, Montana in 1955 after seeing a promotional Chamber of Commerce brochure. While any cross-country move can be difficult, the Anspach’s found themselves greeted with open arms, kind words, and local support from town leaders and the Lafayette community. 

“The town gave them a home, a storefront, furniture, food, and set them up,” said Graig Anspach, Glen and Dee’s son and current business owner. “My parents had a coffee pot in their living room next to the store, and people would stop by and come grab a cup before the store opened. It was like their own coffee shop for the community to hang out in.”

Along with creating a community hangout space, the Anspach’s also volunteered heavily in the community. Glen was a municipal judge, firefighter, the head of civil defense, and part of a committee that hosted Lafayette events. Dee volunteered in several women’s rights organizations and was a local bread-making champion. Both were Sunday school teachers.

Their passion for jewelry and watches began decades ago, well before the move to Lafayette. Glen met Dee while working as a traveling salesman for Elgin Watch College, before settling down in Bozeman at a jewelry business and making a life with Dee. 

When Glen passed in 1983, Dee began working with their son Graig to run the business. Eventually, Graig bought the business from her, and today Graig runs Anspach’s Jewelry with his nephew, Ty Kuppinger —keeping the local establishment a family business. 

“When I took over the business, I went on a simple premise: Be fair, honest, and do good work,” said Graig. “We treat our customers like our friends and that is how we have managed to keep customers that extend through generations of families. Whether you are simply getting your watch battery changed or buying a $10,000 piece of jewelry, we will always treat you the same. We gain about 10-15 new customers a week and potential customers learn a lot about us through our social media and word of mouth.”

Graig began renovations on Anspach’s Jewelry this year, and the project is on track to be completed in April. The interior has been torn down to the bare bones and is currently being rebuilt to include a bigger showroom that is double the size, expanded staff workshop, enhanced layout to make the jewelry truly shine, and more accessibility for physically disabled customers. 

Anspach’s Jewelry will host a grand reopening event when the shop renovations are completed. Until then, Graig encourages customers not to let the construction stop them from fulfilling all of their jewelry and watch needs. They are still taking in repairs, watch batteries, custom jobs, and selling in-stock jewelry pieces.

“I am very proud of what I have been able to accomplish, what my staff has been able to accomplish, and where we are at this point to be able to have the opportunity to go through with this incredible expansion,” Graig said.

Stay updated on the renovation progress by visiting the Anspach’s Jewelry social media and website, calling (303) 665-5313, or visiting their store between Tuesday – Friday from 10 AM-5 PM and Saturday from 10 AM-4 PM.